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About Us

We are an independent firm of chartered accountants, with two full time partners and several associates

Chandra & Gurukar is a full service partnership firm of chartered accountants, based out of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. We are registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) from August 2020 The firm is owned, managed and led by two partners -

  • Senior Partner CA Nirmitha Chandra R
  • Managing Partner CA Ajanesh R Gurukar

Each engagement is managed by a qualified manager who is also the single point of contact

We offer a range of services and specialise in Consulting, Accounting, Assurance and Tax practices. We have dedicated in-house experts in each of these services offering who work together in focussed groups. We always start by analysing a client engagement from several points of view. This multidisciplinary approach is a major benefit for our clients as they get the best of expertise & experience. A customised team is created for large or complex engagement and this team is led by one of the partners and managed by a qualified manager who is also the single point of contact for the engagement.

Seeking to continuously provide great Ideas and solutions that benefit you

We are driven by our constant quest for excellence. We are ever thinking about innovative ideas and out of the box thinking to make life simpler for our clients. We challenge and push our employees and associates to always think ahead, assume a potential problem and identify the right solution on a proactive basis rather than reacting to a situation after it's too late. More often, this approach has helped us stay ahead of the curve and has benefitted several clients immensely.

Integrity and trust matters in our practice!

Since we might be dealing with your personal and business finances and tax, you need to have confidence that we have the highest level of integrity and are trustworthy. As chartered accountants, we are bound by code of ethics to uphold a set of professional principles, endeavouring to always put our clients' interests above our own. Practising means demonstrating a commitment to maintaining and developing professional standards, so you know your financial interests are always put first.

The firm has more than ten experts, including four chartered accountants and several associates

All team members are either chartered accountants or pursuing their academic qualification in this profession. As a medium-sized office, we combine the best of both worlds. Our team is large enough to be able to offer guarantees and commitments regarding flexibility, speed and competences. At the same time, we are small enough to avoid bureaucracy and hierarchy. The commitment to clients and our engagement with them is great. The partners and qualified managers are directly approachable and actively involved

Adding value to your business - benefit from engaging us

We carry out work for a cross section of different clients across a range of industries. Building acute business awareness and strong personal judgement, we have gained expertise and experience working with businesses that are high-performing to those under financial pressures. Our services benefit companies of all nature, size and type including but not limited to India subsidiaries of foreign parent companies, stand-alone companies operating in India, funded companies, closely held companies, start-ups, product companies, services companies etc

Our services are not 'off the shelf' but tailored to suit your unique requirement

We have always believed that each client is unique. Each client situations are unique. We do not believe in the one size fits all solution. Each engagement is designed uniquely to cater to your specific requirement. We deliver all services to make your life as business owner easier and more profitable. From start-ups to big companies, we always assist our clients according to their needs and requirements. The aim is to develop a long-term financial vision for the company and the entrepreneurs.

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